An intentional community of believers

Sunday Dinner - October 24 - 5:30pm

Choosing What Matters ~ Faith, Hope, and Love
Stories have been written and memories have been made around Sunday Dinner. With many things clamoring for our attention, Sunday dinner is offered monthly to provide an atmosphere for us to choose what matters: Faith, Hope, and Love.

Dinner is just the beginning. The beauty is in leaning into relationships that are safe and free from judgment. Faith, hope, and love are enduring values that we believe truly matter. Consider...


God - Who does God want to be for us that He hasn’t been before?
People- We choose to trust Grace - that people are going toward what matters most.
Self- We’re believing for the best in us and through us.


God- We’re confident God, who began a good work, will finish it.
People- We are hopeful that the image of God that each person holds will shine.
Self- People and experiences refine our lives so that our best self will be a gift to the world.


God- God wants everyone to come to know and believe the love He has for us.
People- The God of love is committed to the hard work of replacing our self-protection with sacrificial love.
Self- Our identity, who God says we are, is one of the greatest finds ever.

We believe that the journey of our body, soul, and spirit, is one of continual discovery about God, people, and self. Let’s talk about it over Sunday dinner. You are definitely invited.