Sunday Dinner

Sunday dinner is about choosing what matters most: faith, hope, and love.

So much clamors for our attention. Is anyone really listening anymore? Can people lean into faith, hope, and love in a safe environment? With God's grace, we are striving to find a place of rest in God and with each other. It seems that if we don't practice the reality we desire, then we will most likely miss it.

Sunday dinners are once-a-month experiences that started in the fall of 2021. The goal is to embrace the joy of tasty food, rich drinks, and meaningful conversation. We seek to come with as little agenda as possible and allow the organic nature of relationship and faith rise naturally.

We believe that God wants us to enjoy divine love and forgiveness and a fresh identity. We are believing for the best in each other. We grow most in the midst of relationship.

If you are curious, please come visit. We'd love to hang out.