Our Story

The Charleston Vineyard is a community of believers that has accepted God's invitation to partner with Him in the expression and expansion of His Kingdom reign within our homes, neighborhoods and world.

In 2007, The Charleston Vineyard started public services in a facility designed for jumping castles and birthday parties! Volunteers weekly set up and tore down chairs, A/V equipment, coffee shop, kids’ ministry, and nursery. God has done some amazing healing and blessing in many lives. Over time we moved to a school and then to a church building. As people came and went we found ourselves trying to keep a new church ministry well oiled.

In 2011, a combination of the Lord, a struggling economy, and our own fatigue led us to simplify. “If the first church kept things simple, why couldn’t we?” We moved from services at a local church building to gatherings within homes.

Since Vineyard is not bound to a building, we find places to gather where life happens. You can choose to participate or simply observe. Regardless, Vineyard seeks to offer safety to share love, acceptance, and hope.

Each Sunday we gather in the “home of the month” for brunch. After eating together, we have an interactive time of worship and singing, then an engaging discussion from the Bible, and finish up with praying for each other. We juggle babies, share stories, and stand together in our struggles. We celebrate great news and we cry in our pain. We ask, “How’s it going?” and we really mean it.

A house church gathering isn’t for everyone, but if you are curious, we’d love to hang out with you. We are only strangers once.

To discover more about the history of the Vineyard movement, see VineyardUSA.